Chastity Or “A never culming story”

What does chastity mean?

Chastity is primarily a concept known from religion for moderation in dealing with sexuality. The word “chaste” is derived from the Latin “conscius”, which roughly means “aware”. In BDSM, chastity is a type of play in which one person abstains from sex, masturbation, and/or orgasms at the request of another, i.e., is kept chaste. Usually this involves a submissive person.

The active part determines how long and on what terms this occurs. The active partner sets the rules according to mutually agreed criteria. A related term to this is orgasm control.

Why does one want to be kept chaste?

There are many different reasons why (play) couples want to practice chastity. A major component is of course the power imbalance , which is clearly amplified and emphasized. This type of play also offers the bottom a nice opportunity to prove their devotion to the dominant part.

Furthermore, the desire increases the longer the chastity phase lasts. The person who is kept chaste is much more easily aroused by light touches, whispered fantasies and visual stimuli.

If the chastity phase is ended by the dominant partner, the person playing below experiences a particularly intense orgasm. Last but not least, an orgasm that is not allowed in chastity offers the person playing above scope for punishment or educational measures.

On the active side, the exciting thing about this game type is the power that is handed over to you by the passive person. After all, the person playing below relinquishes control of a physical need entirely to the active partner.

The practice is particularly widespread in the special relationship dynamics of hotwives and cuckolds . If a lockable chastity cage or chastity belt is used, the active person is also referred to as a key holder. A related variety of keeping a man chaste is feminization, where a man is trained to be a sissy.

How does chastity work?

In the simplest form, the partner playing below adheres to the rules set by the partner playing above. This can be, for example, the prohibition of an orgasm and masturbation for several days. The trust in the obedience of the sub is essential here, but a lot of methods such as discipline , punishment and reward are used.

Another variant is to put on a chastity belt or cage, which is closed with a padlock or numbered cable ties. Edging or tease and denial are often part of chastity. Here, stimulation is used to increase pleasure, but without achieving a redeeming orgasm. In order to extend the wearing time for male subs, the man can also be “milked” with prostate massages to reduce the pressure in the testicles.

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