Everyday Sub Collar





Collar: adjustable in circumference from approx. 35 – 42 cm



Discover Subtlety and Elegance with the Everyday Sub Collar

Introducing the exquisite Everyday Sub Collar, a masterpiece crafted to embrace both subtlety and allure. Created from premium cowhide, this collar embodies the perfect union of durability, style, and the art of submission. Dressed in sleek black, it beckons you to explore the intricate tapestry of desire and shared intimacy.

The collar’s slender design is a testament to its understated elegance. With a focus on simplicity, it offers a minimalist yet captivating aesthetic that resonates with those who appreciate the subtleties of submission. The supple black cowhide wraps around your neck, symbolizing the connection and trust between you and your partner.

At the forefront of this enchanting design is an alluring O ring, a timeless symbol of restraint and connection. This O ring invites you to embrace vulnerability and immerse yourself in the delicate dance of power dynamics. As you fasten the collar around your neck, you’re embodying a willingness to explore the depths of your desires with grace and confidence.

The Everyday Sub Collar further captivates with the addition of a black gemstone pendant. This pendant, like a dark secret waiting to be discovered, adds an element of mystique to your experiences. Its deep hue serves as a reflection of the passions that simmer beneath the surface, a tangible representation of the inner fire that drives your submissive journey.

More than just an accessory, the Everyday Sub Collar is a tribute to the beauty of connection and submission. Its slim design and elegant features make it suitable for everyday wear, a constant reminder of your desires and the power dynamics you willingly embrace.

Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast of BDSM or a curious soul seeking new depths of intimacy, the Everyday Sub Collar beckons you to celebrate the intoxicating dance of power and submission. It’s an embodiment of your journey, a tangible representation of trust, and a visual testament to your commitment to shared exploration.

Elevate your most intimate moments and embrace the allure of submission with the Everyday Sub Collar. Let its minimalist design and elegant details guide you on a path of shared ecstasy and profound connection. Embrace the sleek black, let the O ring symbolize your willingness to explore vulnerability, and allow the black gemstone pendant to become a cherished emblem of your desires and your journey.