Ownership Kink

What is an Ownership Kink? 10 Ideas of Ownership Kink

Ownership kink can exist in various relationship structures, including monogamous and polyamorous relationships. It’s a diverse and inclusive aspect of the BDSM community. What is an Ownership Kink? Ownership kink is a unique aspect of BDSM relationships where the dominant has a form of “ownership” over the submissive. This isn’t about literal possession, but rather […]

pleasure dom

What is a Pleasure Dom? A Unique BDSM Role

A Pleasure Dom is a dominant partner who is all about giving their submissive tons of pleasure. Their main goal is to give their partner as many mind-blowing orgasms as possible. They really get off on controlling their partner’s pleasure through things like edging and teasing. What Is a Pleasure Dom? A Pleasure Dom is […]

little bdsm

What is a BDSM Little? A Comprehensive Guide to BDSM Littles

A BDSM little is a person who often submits, either through their actions in a BDSM scene or within their personal mindset by means of a power exchange. They can range from child-like to childish in their appearance and behavior, both in and out of BDSM. Littles come in every shape, size, race, ethnicity, sex, […]

pet play

Explore Pet Play: the Ultimate Guide to the Pet Play Kink in BDSM

Pet play is a unique form of role play where people take on the roles of pets and their owners. It’s a fascinating world that can be a part of BDSM, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be as playful or as intense as you want it to be, and it’s all about […]

Submissive Rules The Ultimate Guide for Beginners (with Examples)

Submissive Rules: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners (with Examples)

Submissive rules are like a roadmap for behavior in a BDSM relationship. Think of them as guidelines agreed upon by both partners to shape how things work. These rules cover a bunch of stuff, from how you talk to each other to specific tasks or rituals. They’re not about control for its own sake but […]

Home Bondage

18 Home Bondage Ideas: Get Started at Home

Home bondage is an exciting avenue that offers individuals the opportunity to explore and experiment in the privacy and comfort of their own space. Unlike more elaborate dungeon settings, home bondage allows for a personalized and intimate experience. It involves consensual activities where individuals or partners take on dominant and submissive roles, exploring the dynamics […]

How to Be a Good Sub 12 Tips for Beginners

How to Be a Good Sub: 12 Tips for Beginners

Enjoying surrender, submission, and letting go of control—does that sound appealing to you? Ever thought about being a sub and trying out dominance? Ready to turn your fantasies into reality? Taking on the sub role shouldn’t feel like a sudden plunge. If you’re here, you probably get that already. To help you start your journey […]

Best way to introduce BDSM in a relationship

Best Way to Introduce BDSM in a Relationship

Discussing sex, desires, and fantasies isn’t exactly commonplace. Some shy away because it’s seen as less sexy if it’s not entirely spontaneous, while others fear rejection when opening up about their intimate thoughts. Societal norms contribute to our own feelings of shame, and if you’re delving into the realm of BDSM and kink, the conversation […]

Degradee name sissy

What’s a Degradee in BDSM? The Degradee’s Guide to BDSM Play

In BDSM, those who take on the degradee role are typically individuals who derive pleasure and satisfaction from engaging in consensual play involving various forms of degradation and humiliation. Those who embrace the degradee identity willingly submit to their dominant partners, finding arousal and gratification through activities such as verbal abuse, symbolic degradation, and willingly […]


What is Electroplay? The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Many people really like using electricity with toys. Electro play is a popular way to play, and it can feel really intense, even leading to orgasm. What is Electroplay? Applying electricity to the body can induce both pain and a sense of well-being. Electroplay, also known as erotic electrostimulation or E-stim, is an electrifying form […]

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