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Chastity Or “A never culming story”

What does chastity mean? Chastity is primarily a concept known from religion for moderation in dealing with sexuality. The word “chaste” is derived from the Latin “conscius”, which roughly means “aware”. In BDSM, chastity is a type of play in which one person abstains from sex, masturbation, and/or orgasms at the request of another, i.e., […]

30" Genuine Leather Flogger

Flogger – The Beginner’s Whip

What actually is a flogger? Floggers are a subspecies of whips in BDSM. A flogger, like a paddle or a whip, is mostly used in SM impact play, but it is also often seen as a harmless stroking tool or a tender whip. More precisely, it is a very short whip with a particularly short […]

BDSM Blindfold

BDSM Blindfold – Popular Sensory Robbery

What is a BDSM blindfold? As the name suggests, anything you use to blindfold your eyes. A cloth band, a piece of clothing, a cloth, a sleeping mask – all of these can act as a blindfold. In addition, there are also blindfolds specially designed for use during sex or BDSM, for example, made of […]

Leather BDSM Shops

The 11 Best Leather BDSM Shops – Buy Leather Bondage Gears in US

Leather Erotic toys of all kinds are more than in demand, so it’s no surprise that new leather BDSM shops seem to open their doors every day, especially online. But not all of these stores can score with quality, selection, customer friendliness, seriousness or discretion. Our article presents the 12 best online sex stores that deliver […]

Sensory Deprivation BDSM

Sensory Deprivation BDSM: BDSM of the senses

What is sensory deprivation BDSM? Sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch are the senses available to most people. In BDSM you like to play with them, remove, manipulate or stun them with the help of various equipment . Sensory deprivation is the technical term, loosely translated meaning deprivation. Deprivation comes from the Latin “deprivare”, which […]

BDSM for Beginners

BDSM for Beginners: Everything you need to know about BDSM

Let’s start at the beginning: BDSM stands for Bondage & Discipline, Dominance  & Submission, and Sadism & Masochism. It’s all about a certain form of power and submission that is often (but not necessarily) acted out in sexuality. 1 Good to know: The basic terms of BDSM The world of BDSM has its own language. So before […]

Fetish Party

Fetish Party – A Kinky Nightfever

What is a fetish party? Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered briefly and concisely. Why? Quite simply: There isn’t just one fetish party, but rather a large number of events . Each is to be considered individually. There is no fixed definition of what a fetish party looks like, how it works and what goes […]

BDSM roles

BDSM Roles in the Overview

The range of BDSM roles and fetish personalities is almost endless and many overlap. Be it in motivation, behavior or executed kinks. In order to bring some order to the chaos, here is an overview with a brief description of the around 50 roles. D-Type Individuals playing above consensually take physical, emotional, or mental control […]


FRIES – Tastes good even without ketchup and mayo

What is FRIES? FRIES is an abbreviation for one of the many consensus guiding concepts in BDSM that one can orientate and lean on. Such concepts make communication easier, especially with new contacts, and how you want to play with each other . In addition, they give beginners an overview of how to deal with […]

What is a fetish

What is a fetish?

What does fetish mean? According to Wikipedia, the word is borrowed from the French word “fétiche”, which in turn is derived from the Portuguese “feitiço”, denoting the worship of objects to which divine or magical properties were attributed. Karl Marx later took up the term and used it to describe the quasi-religious relationship that mankind […]

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