Exciting Ideas Of Punishments for Subs: Pleasure and Pain

Are you curious about the fascinating world of BDSM punishments but finding it a tad baffling? Does it seem like there’s a mixed bag of myths and confusion about what it really entails? You’re not alone! In this easygoing and informative guide, we’re here to shed some light on punishments for subs. We’ll tackle the common misconceptions, clarify what they truly involve, and provide insights into the consensual and exciting dynamics of discipline in BDSM. So, let’s embark on this journey together to uncover the truth about submissive punishments.

Why on earth do dominants indulge in disciplining their cherished submissives?

At first glance, it might appear that punishments are a way for dominants to exert control and correct submissive behavior, but the truth runs much deeper. The essence of BDSM, including punishments, is rooted in trust, consent, and mutual understanding. Dominants punishments not out of cruelty but as a means of nurturing the unique dynamic between dom and sub.

The punishment becomes a form of communication, a tangible way of acknowledging desires and boundaries. It fosters an environment of growth, self-discovery, and mutual respect. For doms, it is a way of expressing their care and attention to their submissives, ensuring that the sub’s needs, desires, and well-being are all addressed.

Do doms have to punish subs?

Certainly not. While some doms may choose to incorporate punishments as part of their BDSM dynamic, it’s not a requirement for all dominants. In fact, not all subs desire or enjoy punishment as part of their BDSM experiences.

The key principles in BDSM are consent and negotiation. What happens in a BDSM relationship, including punishments, is discussed and agreed upon between the dominant and submissive. If a sub is interested in experiencing punishments and the dom is comfortable providing them, it can be integrated into their dynamic. However, if either party is uncomfortable or uninterested in punishments, they won’t be a part of their BDSM activities.

The choice to include punishments is individual and based on the preferences. BDSM is about exploring one’s desires and limits within a safe and consensual framework, and it’s important for all participants to communicate openly and honestly about their interests and boundaries.


So, do submissives actually enjoy getting punished?

Well, the answer is a classic “it depends.” Some subs find being disciplined thrilling, while others may not share the same enthusiasm. BDSM is as diverse as a mixed bag of candies. Punishments can range from playful spankings to elaborate psychological mind games. It’s all part of the fun. For those who enjoy punishments, it can be a real turn-on, fulfilling their desires and kinks. But, and this is a big but, not every sub enjoys this kind of play.

Some subs might prefer other flavors of BDSM, like bondage or sensory exploration. It’s like choosing your favorite ice cream flavor – everyone’s got their own. The golden rule in BDSM is consent, meaning everyone involved is on board and has given a resounding “yes” to the fun and games.

So, in a nutshell, whether a sub enjoys punishments or not is as unique as their fingerprint. It’s all about exploring your desires, communicating openly, and ensuring that everyone’s having a good time in a safe and respectful way.

Ideas of punishments for subs

How to punish a sub boyfriend for bad behavior? How to punish a sub for breaking promises? How do you punish a sub for fake an orgasm? When it comes to punishments in BDSM, everyone has their preferences, and it’s all about what tickles your fancy (or doesn’t). Some subs find a little spanking or being tied up just the thing to spice up their love life, while others might prefer a bit of playful teasing or even the infamous “corner time.”

Physical Punishments

  • Spanking
  • Flogging
  • Caning
  • Whipping
  • Crops or paddles
  • Kneeling
  • Bondage or restraint play (May be combined with sensory deprivation)
  • Sensation play (using hot wax, ice, etc.)

Psychological Punishments

  • Humiliation play
  • Mind games or teasing
  • Ignoring or giving the silent treatment
  • Verbal discipline or degradation

Emotional Punishments

  • Role-playing emotional scenarios
  • Withdrawal of attention or affection
  • Emotional bondage or intensity play

Withholding Rewards

  • Denying sexual gratification or orgasms
  • Withholding praise or affection
  • Delaying rewards as part of orgasm control

Corner Time or Time-Outs

  • Submissive is placed in a corner for a specified time
  • Reflect on behavior or think about their actions

Writing Lines or Assigning Essays

  • Submissive writes lines or essays on topics related to their behavior
  • Reflecting on their actions and expressing their commitment to improve

Forced Dressing

  • Requiring a submissive to wear specific clothing or costumes
  • Cross-dressing as part of humiliation play

Financial Punishments

  • Controlling a submissive’s finances or budget
  • Fines or monetary penalties for disobedience

Assigning Tasks

  • Giving tasks or chores to be completed as punishment
  • Often, these are repetitive or unpleasant tasks

Loss of Privileges

  • Temporarily or permanently taking away certain privileges
  • This could include items like toys or certain activities

Ideas of punishments for female subs

Spanking and Sensual Whipping: Female subs may enjoy lighter spankings or sensual whippings as a form of punishment. The focus is on arousing sensations and pleasure, rather than intense pain.

Sensory Play: Punishments can include sensory play with items like feathers, ice, or hot wax, offering heightened sensitivity without excessive discomfort.

Forced Feminization: Some female subs may be punished by being made to dress in feminine attire, such as lingerie, dresses, or makeup, to emphasize their submission.

Orgasm Control and Denial: Similar to male subs, female subs may experience teasing, denial, or forced orgasms as punishments. This can create heightened sexual tension.

Verbal Role-Play and Humiliation: Verbal punishments might involve scenarios like teacher-student role-play or degrading language within negotiated boundaries.

Restrained Ecstasy: Combining bondage and teasing, female subs can be bound and pleasured using vibrators or other sex toys, creating a unique blend of restraint and pleasure.

Sensory Deprivation: Blindfolds, earplugs, or hoods can heighten a female sub’s sensory experience during punishments, intensifying the element of surprise and anticipation.

Ideas of punishments for male subs

Spanking: Spanking is a classic form of punishment. A Dom can use their hand or various tools like paddles, whips, or canes to administer spankings, adjusting the intensity based on the sub’s tolerance and limits.

Genital Torture: Genital punishments can include activities like ball busting, CBT (cock and ball torture), or nipple torture.

Orgasm Control: A Dom can exercise control over a male sub’s orgasms. This might involve teasing, edging, or enforced chastity where the sub is denied orgasm for a set period.

Bondage: Restraining a male sub with ropes, cuffs, or other bondage gear can be both a form of punishment and pleasure, depending on the context.

Verbal Humiliation: Using words to humiliate and degrade can be a powerful form of punishment, though it should always be within the sub’s consent and limits.

Body Service: Punishments can include tasks such as body worship, foot massages, or acts of service that the male sub must perform for the Dom.

Pegging: Pegging involves a female Dom using a strap-on dildo to penetrate a male sub anally.

Role-Play Punishments: Incorporating role-play scenarios like teacher-student, prisoner-guard, or boss-employee allows for a variety of punishment dynamics.

Corner Time: Similar to discipline for children, corner time involves the male sub standing in the corner as a form of punishment.

Assigning Tasks: Male subs may be given tasks or chores as punishments or as a form of service to their Dom.

How to punish a sub long distance or online?

Punishing a sub long-distance or online in BDSM can be exciting and creative when you’re physically apart. Here are some methods to keep the spark alive:

Textual Commands: Use messages to give your sub tasks or orders. This could be things like writing lines, staying in a specific position, or even trying a bit of self-bondage.

Video Domination: Set up video calls to supervise your sub as they complete tasks. You can instruct them to hold certain poses, maintain discipline, or even guide them through self-pleasure.

Penalty Assignments: Assign your sub some writing tasks, like reflecting on their behavior, sharing their desires, or penning erotic stories based on your commands.

Interactive Toys: Explore remote-controlled toys for some extra fun. You can control your sub’s pleasure from afar, adding an element of surprise and control.

Submissive Contracts: Maintain a written agreement that outlines your sub’s responsibilities, punishments, and rewards. Make sure to review and adjust it as needed.

Online Role-Play: Dive into role-play scenarios through texts or video chats. Create virtual BDSM scenes involving verbal domination, humiliation, or role-play punishments.

Financial Domination: If agreed upon, financial domination can be conducted online. Your sub may contribute financially as a part of their submission.

Accountability Apps: Some nifty apps are available that help you set tasks and deadlines. Your sub can track their progress and even submit proof of completing their tasks.

Common Submissive Rules and Protocols

Common submissive rules and protocols are fundamental to BDSM, as they establish structure, define boundaries. Here, we’ll explore some typical rules and protocols that subs may follow, as well as the consequences of breaking them:

Communication Protocol

Rule: Submissives may be required to use specific titles (e.g., “Sir” or “Mistress”) when addressing their dominants.

Consequence of Breaking: Disrespecting this protocol may result in punishments like writing lines, receiving a verbal reprimand, or more formal discipline.

Collaring Protocol

Rule: Submissives may wear a collar as a symbol of their submission and may have specific guidelines for when and where to wear it.

Consequence of Breaking: Failure to wear the collar as directed could lead to punishments, time-bound removal of privileges, or isolation as a form of discipline.

Tasks and Chores Protocol

Rule: Submissives might be assigned tasks or chores by their dominants, such as cleaning or preparing a meal.

Consequence of Breaking: Failure to complete tasks or chores as instructed may result in physical punishments, like spanking, or additional chores as discipline.

Sexual Protocol

Rule: Submissives may have guidelines for their sexual behavior, including when and how they can initiate or refuse sexual activities.

Consequence of Breaking: Violating sexual protocols may lead to chastity, teasing, or other forms of sexual discipline, often as a method to correct behavior.

Dress Code Protocol

Rule: Submissives may be required to dress or undress in specific ways, such as wearing particular outfits or remaining nude at home.

Consequence of Breaking: Not adhering to dress code protocols may result in time-bound restrictions, humiliation, or public humiliation.

Safety and Health Protocol

Rule: Submissives are expected to follow safety and health protocols, such as safewords and regular check-ins.

Consequence of Breaking: Breaching these protocols can lead to more severe consequences, including the termination of the BDSM relationship to ensure the submissive’s safety.

Verbal Protocol

Rule: Submissives may be required to ask for permission before speaking, especially in specific settings.

Consequence of Breaking: Violating verbal protocols may result in gagging, restriction of speech, or other communication-related punishments.

Attendance Protocol

Rule: Submissives may need to attend events or sessions at the direction of their dominants.

Consequence of Breaking: Failing to attend as required may lead to isolation, non-participation in future events, or other discipline methods.

Gratitude Protocol

Rule: Submissives may be expected to express gratitude for their dominant’s attention, guidance, or discipline.

Consequence of Breaking: Neglecting to express gratitude can result in punishments such as additional tasks or psychological discipline.

Misconceptions of punishments for a subs

Common submissive rules and protocols are fundamental to BDSM, as they establish structure, define boundaries. Here, we’ll explore some typical rules and protocols that subs may follow, as well as the consequences of breaking them:

  1. Punishments Are Abusive: A significant myth is that BDSM punishments are abusive. In reality, BDSM operates on consensual power dynamics with predefined boundaries. Punishments are negotiated and agreed upon beforehand, ensuring safety and consent.
  2. All Submissives Enjoy Pain: Another misconception is that all submissives enjoy pain. While some do, not all BDSM dynamics involve physical pain. Punishments can take various forms, including psychological, emotional, or non-pain-related consequences.
  3. It’s About Uncontrolled Violence: Some people mistakenly believe that BDSM is synonymous with uncontrolled violence. In truth, punishments are well-defined actions with limits and purpose in BDSM.
  4. It’s Only About Physical Punishment: BDSM punishments go beyond physical discipline. They encompass a wide range of activities, including withdrawal of privileges, timeouts, humiliation, or even writing lines.
  5. Consent Is Not Genuine: Some believe that BDSM consent isn’t genuine. On the contrary, BDSM revolves around enthusiastic, informed, and continuous consent. Participants maintain the right to revoke consent at any time.
  6. Punishments Are Arbitrary: BDSM punishments are not arbitrary actions taken by Doms. They are pre-negotiated, planned, and consented to, ensuring that both parties understand their role and responsibilities.


Is it normal to punish a sub?

Punishing a sub is perfectly normal and consensual in BDSM. This isn’t about cruelty or harm; it’s about consensual power exchange and mutual desires. Submissives willingly consent to follow the rules set by their Dominants, and punishments are used to reinforce discipline or maintain the balance of power. Think of it as a mutually enjoyable game where all participants have established boundaries and consented to the rules.

Can a sub reject a punishment?

Of course! Submissives have the right to communicate their boundaries and limits to their Doms. If a sub feels uncomfortable with a proposed punishment or believes it goes beyond their agreed-upon boundaries, they can absolutely reject it.

What are good overnight punishments for a sub?

Isolation: Have the sub spend the night in a separate room, restricted to limited interaction.

Restriction: Apply bondage restraints, such as cuffs, ensuring the sub’s mobility is limited.

Denial: For chastity enthusiasts, keep the sub locked in chastity overnight.

Corner Time: Assign the sub to spend a portion of the night facing the corner as a form of discipline.

Writing Lines: Have the sub write lines or an assigned phrase repeatedly.

Sleep Deprivation: Limit the sub’s sleep, with regular checks and tasks throughout the night.

Humiliation: Assign tasks that involve mild humiliation, such as wearing specific clothing or writing degrading lines.

Quiet Time: Require the sub to remain silent or whisper throughout the night.

How to punish a sub in public?

Punishing a sub in public, known as “public humiliation,” should be approached with caution, ensuring it is consensual, discreet, and within legal boundaries. Here are some methods:

Verbal Commands: Give discreet verbal commands or tasks that the sub must follow in public, such as addressing you with a specific title or using a secret signal.

Control Over Attire: Have the sub wear specific clothing or accessories that only you are aware of, like special lingerie or a discreet collar.

Assign Tasks: Give subtle tasks like carrying a hidden sex toy or following specific movements or postures while in public.

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