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What’s a Degradee in BDSM? The Degradee’s Guide to BDSM Play

In BDSM, those who take on the degradee role are typically individuals who derive pleasure and satisfaction from engaging in consensual play involving various forms of degradation and humiliation. Those who embrace the degradee identity willingly submit to their dominant partners, finding arousal and gratification through activities such as verbal abuse, symbolic degradation, and willingly surrendering control.

What's a Degradee?

A degradee is someone who willingly embraces and actively seeks degradation in BDSM. This may involve verbal humiliation, objectification, or other acts that establish a power imbalance. In the BDSM context, degradees are submissive individuals, or bottoms, who derive pleasure from humiliation and degradation as integral aspects of an erotic game. These experiences, be they verbal or physical, unfold through mutual consent with a dominant partner.

Erotic humiliation, a profoundly subjective practice, takes on diverse forms. It plays with shame and degradation, where the latter can be a more intense form designed to make the degradee feel uneasy, often having a psychological connection to humiliation. This might involve exposure, even in public settings, or showcasing mistakes or lack of skills.

As a degradee, the humiliation element can manifest in various game types, particularly in role-playing scenarios already imbued with power imbalances. It may also weave into chastity, cuckold/cuckquean and hotwife scenarios, impact sessions, and numerous other common play styles.

What Roles is a Degradee Related to?

Within BDSM, the degradee role is typically taken on by individuals who find pleasure in various forms of degradation and humiliation during consensual play. Those identifying as degradees willingly submit to dominant partners, seeking arousal and gratification through activities involving verbal abuse, symbolic degradation, and the surrender of control. Due to the wide spectrum and the many opportunities for integration with various practices, many bottoms can generally find comfort in this role.

What's a Degrader?

The direct counterpart to the degradee is the degrader. A degrader is an individual who assumes the role of the dominant or controlling partner in BDSM. They often have an appreciation for discipline, as humiliation serves as a unique form of punishment. Brat-tamers frequently fall into this category as well. Given the broad scope, many top players can comfortably adopt this role.

How Do I Know if I Am a Degradee?

If dirty talk makes your heart race, if you get excited when embarrassed or exposed, or if you feel a tingle when someone insults you, you might be a degradee. If you enjoy hearing explicit descriptions of your current state, what’s happening to you, and why you’ll enjoy it, or if you revel in discomfort, you might find yourself in this role. If breaking rules and social constructs while being humiliated excites you, or if you’re into public play or exhibitionism, humiliation could be right up your alley.

What to Pay Attention to as a Degradee?

Humiliation and degradation involve playing with shame, often with personal exposure or belittlement. To ensure that your degrader does not actually attack or hurt you, it’s crucial to define your boundaries and limits in a detailed conversation beforehand, reaching mutual consent.

Discuss topics like:

  • Language, swear words, labels
  • External means such as food, body fluids, writing on the body
  • Whether it should be public or private
  • A safeword, as well as a slow word for “less”
  • How the current daily form affects you

When dealing with the topic of humiliation, separate it from what is depicted in porn. Find your language, as truly offensive insults tend to be erotic for very few people. There are certainly levels at which you would like to be humiliated, while others are taboo.

What to Call a Degradee?

Some common terms or titles might include:

  1. Pet Names: Degradees may choose or be given affectionate or submissive pet names, reflecting the power dynamic in their relationship.
  2. Assigned Titles: Titles such as “sub,” “slave,” or other honorifics might be used, depending on the agreed-upon roles.
  3. Specific Labels: Some degradees may prefer specific labels related to their kinks or fetishes, incorporating those into their chosen titles.
  4. Role-Specific Terms: Terms like “toy,” “plaything,” or other role-specific labels might be employed to reinforce the power dynamic.
  5. Personalized Terms: Degraders and degradees often personalize terms based on their unique relationship dynamics, emphasizing individual preferences and comfort levels.

Some examples of specific names include:

  1. Submissive or Sub
  2. Slave
  3. Pet or Kitten
  4. Doll or Toy
  5. Masochist
  6. Property
  7. Sissy or Maid
  8. Toyboy/Toygirl
  9. Bottom
  10. Worm or Wormie
  11. Cock Sleeve or Cum Dumpster
  12. Bitch or Slut
  13. Pain Pig or Humiliation Whore
  14. Cuckold or Cuckquean

Types of Degradation

Degradation is a consensual exploration of power dynamics that may include various forms catering to the desires of the degradee. Here’s an overview of different types of degradation:

  1. Verbal Humiliation: This involves the use of degrading language, name-calling, or verbal abuse to create a sense of submission and humiliation for the degradee.
  2. Objectification: Treating the degradee as an object for pleasure, emphasizing their role as a submissive and often involving scenarios where they exist solely for the satisfaction of their dominant partner.
  3. Physical Humiliation: Consensual acts that involve physical degradation, such as spanking, slapping, or other forms of physical control that align with the agreed-upon boundaries.
  4. Public Humiliation: Degrading activities carried out in public or semi-public spaces, enhancing the intensity of the experience through exposure and potential embarrassment.
  5. Assigning Degrading Tasks: Degradees may be given tasks or assignments that are designed to be embarrassing, challenging, or emotionally uncomfortable, reinforcing their submissive role.
  6. Forced Service: Degradees may engage in submissive acts of service, such as foot worship, cleaning, or other tasks that emphasize their subservient position.
  7. Degradation Through Dress and Appearance: Directing the degradee to dress or present themselves in a way that accentuates their submissive role, including specific clothing choices, postures, or grooming instructions.

Final Words

Aftercare is essential after a humiliation session; otherwise, as a degradee, you could be at risk of a sub drop. Appreciation and the assurance that the things said in the session have nothing to do with everyday life are particularly important here. It’s also a good idea to share positive aspects from the session to transform the feeling of humiliation into pride.


Can Anyone Be a Degradee?

No. Being a degradee is a personal choice, and not everyone may find enjoyment in degradation play.

Can Degradees Have Limits?

Yes, degradees can and should have limits. Before engaging in any degradation play, it’s essential to have an open and honest conversation about boundaries. Establishing what is off-limits ensures a consensual and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

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