How to Be a Brat Tamer A Brat Tamer's Handbook

How to Be a Brat Tamer? A Brat Tamer’s Handbook

Brat Tamers are adept at managing the delicate balance between allowing a brat to express their mischievous nature and maintaining the dominance required to keep the brat in line. This involves setting rules, enforcing discipline, and sometimes ignoring the brat’s provocations to assert control.

What is a Brat Tamer?

A Brat Tamer is a dominant who specializes in handling a “brat,” a type of submissive that enjoys acting out, being naughty, or disobedient. The role of the Brat Tamer is to discipline and control the brat, often through a combination of authority, punishment, and psychological play.

What is a Brat?

A brat is someone who enjoys playing a more challenging and mischievous role within a submissive context. They like to push buttons, act sassy, and may even be a bit cheeky or disobedient to provoke their dominant partner. This isn’t about being truly badly behaved, but rather it’s a playful way of interacting where the brat gets a thrill from testing limits and enjoying the reactions they get. It’s all part of the fun and games, and of course, it’s done with consent and understanding between partners.

The Relationship Between Brat Tamer and Brat

A Brat Tamer and a Brat have a unique and playful relationship. Imagine it like a fun game of cat and mouse. The Brat is a bit cheeky, loves to push boundaries, and might not always follow the rules. They’re like the mischievous character in a movie who’s always stirring up a bit of trouble.

On the other side, you have the Brat Tamer. This person is like the superhero of the story, stepping in to bring the Brat back in line. They’re the ones who set the rules and make sure the Brat follows them. But it’s not all serious they enjoy the challenge of the Brat’s playful disobedience and know how to handle it with authority and a bit of fun.

The relationship between a Brat Tamer and a Brat is all about balance. The Brat Tamer needs to show assertiveness and control, but also needs to let the Brat express their cheeky side. It’s a bit like a dance, with each one taking turns leading and following.

But the most important thing to remember is that everything in this relationship is consensual. Both the Brat and the Brat Tamer agree on the rules, the boundaries, and the safe words to ensure everything stays safe and enjoyable for both parties.

The Role of a Brat Tamer?

A Brat Tamer in the BDSM world is like a fun-loving coach who knows how to handle a cheeky player. They’re the ones who step in when a Brat, a type of playful and mischievous submissive, starts pushing boundaries and acting out. The Brat Tamer’s job is to bring the Brat back in line, reminding them of the rules and dishing out punishments that both have agreed upon.

But it’s not all about being strict. A Brat Tamer also knows when to give their Brat some space to be, well, bratty. They’re skilled at figuring out how to respond to the Brat’s antics, whether that’s ignoring certain behaviors or coming up with creative punishments.

Characteristics of a Brat Tamer

An effective Brat Tamer is someone who’s got a mix of firmness and fun. Here are some of the key qualities that make a Brat Tamer really good at what they do:

Dominance: They’ve got that natural ability to take charge and aren’t shy about setting the rules.

Patience: Brats can be a handful, so a Brat Tamer needs to keep their cool and not get flustered.

Creativity: They come up with fun and engaging ways to discipline their Brat, keeping the dynamic exciting.

Understanding: They really get what their Brat is looking for and why they act out, which helps in guiding the play.

Communication Skills: A Brat Tamer is great at talking things out. They make sure everything is clear and consensual before the fun begins.

Confidence: They have a certain presence that commands attention and respect, even when they’re dealing with a cheeky Brat.

Adaptability: Every Brat is different, so a Brat Tamer can switch up their approach depending on what works best for their partner.

How to Be a Brat Tamer?

Becoming a Brat Tamer is like learning to be a playful leader in a game of wills. Here’s how you can be good at it:

  • Learn about your Brat: Understand what makes them tick, what they like and don’t like, and what they’re looking to get out of the dynamic. Use this knowledge to guide your approach.
  • Patience: Don’t expect to get everything right from the start. It’s okay to make mistakes; they’re learning opportunities. Take your time to understand the role and the unique relationship you’re building.
  • Take care of yourself: Being a Brat Tamer can be demanding, so remember to rest and recharge. Your well-being is just as important as your Brat’s.
  • Empathy goes a long way: Try to understand your Brat’s feelings and motivations. This will help you respond to their behavior in a way that’s effective and caring.
  • Dominance with a twist: You need to be dominant, but also enjoy the playful challenge your Brat presents. It’s not just about power; it’s about engaging in a fun and consensual exchange.
  • Communication is crucial: Always talk things out. Make sure you both agree on the rules, boundaries, and safe words before diving into play.
  • Have fun: Remember, taming a Brat should be enjoyable for both of you. Keep the dynamic fun and engaging, and let the good times roll.

How to Tame a Brat?

Taming a brat over text involves a combination of understanding the brat’s motivations, maintaining your dominance, and using clever responses. Here are some strategies:

  1. Understand the Brat’s Motivations: Brats often act out to get attention or provoke a reaction. Understanding this can help you respond effectively.
  2. Maintain Your Dominance: It’s important to maintain your confidence and dominance. Don’t let the brat’s behavior rattle you.
  3. Match Their Energy: If the brat is being playful, respond in kind. This can help keep the interaction fun and engaging.
  4. Use Clever Responses: If the brat is being cheeky or disobedient, respond with clever or witty comments. This can help assert your dominance and keep the brat in check.
  5. Set Boundaries: If the brat is pushing too far, let them know. It’s important to maintain boundaries, even in a brat taming dynamic.
  6. Ignore If Necessary: If the brat’s behavior is becoming too much, you can choose to ignore her/him. This can be an effective way to manage their behavior.
  7. Use Punishments or Funishments: If the brat is acting out, you can use agreed-upon punishments or funishments to manage their behavior.

The Common Behaviors of a Brat and How a Brat Tamer Responds.

Brats tend to act out in playful, cheeky ways to get a reaction from their Tamer. For example, a brat might ignore a command, talk back, or even start a pretend “fight” to provoke their partner. It’s their way of testing boundaries and stirring up some trouble in a fun way.

A clever Brat Tamer knows these antics are all part of the game. They might choose not to engage if the brat is acting out just to get attention. Because where’s the fun in that if the Tamer doesn’t play along?

Other times, the Tamer might respond with a firm reminder of the rules or a stern look just enough to get the brat back in line without crushing their spirited side. The Tamer sets the boundaries, and the brat loves to bump up against them. It’s a bit of a dance between the two as they navigate this cheeky dynamic.

The most important thing is that the Tamer enjoys the challenge and stays patient. They know sometimes a well-timed punishment or even better, a “funishment” is part of taming a creative brat!

Tools and Techniques


Collars: These are like a team jersey for your Brat. They’re a symbol of your Brat’s submission to you and can be a physical reminder of the dynamic you share.

Cuffs: Think of these as a way to put your Brat in a ‘time-out’. They can be used to limit your Brat’s movement and serve as a form of punishment or a way to assert your dominance.

Gags: These can be used to quiet your Brat, especially if they’re talking back or being verbally provocative. It’s like pressing the ‘mute’ button on their cheekiness.


Ignoring: Sometimes, the best response to a Brat’s antics is to not respond at all. If they’re not getting the reaction they want, they might rethink their approach.

Punishments: If your Brat steps out of line, you can use agreed-upon punishments to correct their behavior. This could be anything from a stern talking-to, to physical discipline like spankings.

Rewards: If your Brat is behaving well, reward them. This could be through praise, affection, or any other form of positive reinforcement that you both enjoy.

Funishments: These are punishments that are actually fun for both of you. They’re a playful way to keep your Brat in check while maintaining the fun dynamic of your relationship.

How to Set Up a Brat Taming Scene?

Setting up a Brat Taming scene is like planning a fun and exciting game where both players are eager to play. Here’s how you can create a scene that’s both engaging and fulfilling for both the Brat and the Tamer:

  1. Talk it Out: Before you start, have a chat about what you both want from the scene. Discuss your boundaries, limits, and what you’re hoping to get out of the experience. Make sure you’re both on the same page.
  2. Set the Stage: Decide on a scenario that’s perfect for Brat Taming. This could be a role-play where the Brat is a mischievous character and the Tamer is the one who keeps them in check.
  3. Rules and Consequences: Make sure you both know the rules of the game and what happens if they’re broken. This could include punishments, rewards, or funishments.
  4. Pick Your Tools: Think about using tools like collars, cuffs, and gags to add some spice to the scene and assert your dominance.
  5. Choose a Safe Word: Pick a word that can be used to pause or stop the scene if it gets too intense or crosses a boundary.
  6. Aftercare is Important: After the scene, take some time to comfort and reassure each other. Talk about what went well and what you could do better next time.


Is a Brat Tamer's only interaction with a Brat through punishment?

No, this is a common misconception. While discipline can be a part of the dynamic, Brat Tamers also engage in a variety of interactions with Brats, including setting rules, providing rewards, and enjoying the playful ‘cat-and-mouse’ game that comes with the territory.

Do Brat Tamers aim to break or change Brats?

No, Brat Tamers do not aim to break the spirit of a Brat. The goal is to manage and respond to the Brat’s behavior within the agreed-upon boundaries of their dynamic. It’s about guiding and taming the Brat’s behavior, not changing who they are as a person.

Are Brat Tamers considered 'bad' Dominants because they tolerate disobedience?

Not at all. Brat Tamers are simply Dominants who enjoy the challenge of a Brat’s playful disobedience. They are skilled in managing this dynamic and should not be seen as ‘bad’ Dominants just because they allow for a different type of submission.

Are Brat Tamers inherently cruel?

Being a Brat Tamer does not mean being cruel. They can carry out punishments, but these are always consensual and often part of what the Brat enjoys about the dynamic. The role of a Brat Tamer is to control and tame, not to be cruel.

Can Brat Tamers ignore bratty behavior?

Yes, ignoring bratty behavior is one strategy that Brat Tamers might use. It’s not fun being a brat alone, so if the Tamer doesn’t engage, it can be an effective way to manage the behavior.

Are Brats 'bad' submissives?

No, this is another misconception. Being a Brat is just another way to express one’s submissive side within the context of BDSM.

Final Words

Being a successful Brat Tamer involves understanding the Brat’s motivations, maintaining assertiveness, and demonstrating creativity in managing the dynamic. It’s about guiding and taming the Brat’s behavior, not changing who they are. Patience, empathy, and emotional intelligence are key traits. Remember, the dynamic between a Brat and a Brat Tamer is a lively dance of push and pull, rebellion and control, challenge and triumph. It’s a unique role that can be very fulfilling for both parties.

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