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foot licking slave

What is a Licking Slave?

A licking slave is someone who really enjoys licking and pleasuring someone else. They might be into licking all sorts of things, but it’s not just one type of thing or one way to do it. Some licking slaves are all about objects, like cleaning stuff with their tongues for their dominant partner. Others are more into licking their partner’s body, like their feet or private parts, which might be covered in shoes or stockings. This kind of slave is sometimes called a lick servant, which shows they’re there to serve their dominant partner whenever they’re needed.

What is a Licking Slave?

A licking slave is a submissive individual who is used primarily to orally satisfy the desires of a dominant person, often a mistress. This practice can be objectifying and dehumanizing, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

The most common scenario in this fetish involves a submissive man serving as the licking slave and a dominant woman as the recipient. As with all BDSM practices, communication about ideas, fantasies, desires, and boundaries is crucial.

There are typically two categories of licking slaves: body-related and object-related. Body-related licking slaves focus on the sexual satisfaction of the dominant person, while object-related licking slaves might be tasked with cleaning the dominant person’s shoes or other objects. The possibilities are limited only by the participants’ imaginations.

Training to Become a Licking Slave

Training to become a licking slave usually involves progressive steps. Initially, the submissive person is often taught to care for the dominant person’s feet, which is closely related to foot fetishism. This can be done on bare feet or feet clad in nylons, tights, high heels, or boots.

If the dominant person is satisfied with the submissive’s oral services on their feet, the submissive is further trained to satisfy the dominant person vaginally and clitorally. The submissive partner must be available at all times and, on command, must assume a position determined by the dominant person and satisfy them orally. This can be done in various positions, such as crouching, kneeling, or lying down for queening. The dominant person decides whether the licking slave should perform oral sex vaginally or anally.

Common Types of Licking Slaves

Ass Licker Slave

An “ass licker slave” is a submissive who is tasked with performing oral-anal sex, also known as anilingus, on the dominant person.

Pussy Lick Slave

A submissive man who enthusiastically performs oral sex on a woman’s genitals, especially her vagina, in order to provide her sexual pleasure and gratification.

Foot Lick Slave

A “foot lick slave” is a term used in the BDSM to describe a submissive person who is devoted to orally servicing the feet of dominant, often a woman. This act can involve licking, kissing, massaging, or sucking the toes of the dominant person. The foot lick slave may also be tasked with cleaning or worshipping the dominant person’s footwear, such as boots or high heels.

Other Forms of Licking Slaves

One of the more extreme forms of this practice involves a toilet slave combined with a licking slave. After the dominant person has used the toilet, the submissive person is required to clean the toilet seat.

In body-related forms, the submissive person may be tasked with cleaning the last drops of urine from a penis or vagina or cleaning the anus after defecation.

In situations involving a dominant woman and a cuckold, the licking slave may be required to clean the woman’s intimate area of another man’s semen after intercourse. This can be a particularly humiliating element. It’s also common for the submissive person to prepare the dominant person with their tongue and then watch as the dominant person has sex with another man.

Licking can be a service to the dominant person but can also be used as a reward or punishment. If the submissive person satisfies the dominant person, they may be allowed to lick, caress, and taste extensively. If the dominant person is dissatisfied, they may tease the submissive person and deny them the opportunity to lick or touch with their tongue.

Who is a Good Fit for a Licking Slave?

The most common scenario involves a dominant woman and a submissive man. In the submissive role, the roles of slave, toy, and cuckold are particularly suitable for training.

In the dominant role, women often take on the roles of mistress, cuckoldress, trainer, or degrader.

Am I Suitable as a Licking Slave?

A preference for oral sex, especially licking, combined with a desire for objectification or being used, are ideal prerequisites for becoming a licking slave. This fetish is often particularly suitable for people who are not interested in conventional sexual intercourse. A penchant for service or devotion is an advantage.

Risks and Side Effects

Attention should be paid to hygiene and safe sex to protect against diseases, including germs that can disrupt the gastrointestinal tract and sexually transmitted diseases. Use lick wipes or condoms with new play partners.

Also, pay attention to aftercare, as playing with objectification can emotionally harm sensitive individuals.


How can a licking slave express their limits or discomfort?

A licking slave can express their limits or discomfort through clear communication with the dominant person. This can involve the use of safe words, which are pre-agreed signals that the submissive person can use to indicate that they want to stop or slow down the activity.

Can a licking slave be part of a long-term BDSM relationship?

Yes, a licking slave can be part of a long-term BDSM relationship. The specific dynamics and roles within the relationship can evolve over time based on the desires and boundaries of the individuals involved.

Can a licking slave have multiple dominant partners?

Yes, a licking slave can have multiple dominant partners, as long as all parties involved are aware of the arrangement and consent to it.

Can a licking slave refuse to perform certain tasks?

Yes, a licking slave can refuse to perform certain tasks. Consent is a fundamental aspect of BDSM, and a submissive person always has the right to say no to any activity that they are not comfortable with.

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